Equipment Makes A Good Rock Climbing Gift

Finding presents for people who enjoy climbing can be fairly easy if you understand the importance of the equipment they use. Failing to know anything about the sport, you may opt for a rock climbing gift certificate to be used at their favorite sports store.

Staying within a budget should be fairly easy, but there is some equipment that, unless specifically requested, be left up to the climber to choose. Ropes may not be the best choice as a rock climbing gift since climbers trust their lives to the ropes they use. Even when climbing an indoor wall, they will probably want to choose their own rope.

Belay devices, especially the newer type that jams the rope in the event of fall, make a great rock climbing gift as to Carabiners to hold them safely to the rope. They are available in two basic types, locking and non-locking, and cost between about $8.00 and upwards of $20.00, making them a candidate as a rock climbing gift. They are available in many colors and most are made of aluminum for durability and the strength to stop a fall.

Give Them Items For Training Use

If your budget is a little bigger for between about $30 and a few hundred dollars, you can give them a rock climbing gift of handhold sets that they can use to help them with their training. They can be attached to and indoor climbing wall they may already have or one they are building. They can also be attached to a garage wall for them to chalk up and practice holding on for endurance training.

Chalk or chalk bags are another rock climbing gift climbers will appreciate. The chalk is usually under $5 and bag can be found for about $20 and are an essential part of any climber’s equipment bag. The chalk helps keep the hands and fingers dry so they don’t slip when attempting to get a solid grip.

Another rock climbing gift idea is a rope bag. While most climbers prefer to choose their own rope, they will probably appreciate a durable bag to for storage and carrying. There are several varieties priced from $20 to over $200 from which to choose, but it is something you can pick out for them. But before you buy and rock climbing gift it may be best to check with the person for whom it is intended to make sure it meets their needs.

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