Symptoms present in lupus

The way that lupus attacks a person is unique only to that person. Every patient has a different way of experiencing the disease, being that either mild or more severe. Symptoms may sometimes come and go, in accordance with the flare ups and remissions of the disease. Some of the most common and most present symptoms of this disease are extreme fatigue, skin rashes, pain and discomfort in the joints and sometimes even problems with the kidneys. A very strange skin rash appears on the face of the patient taking the form of a butterfly, hence the name : butterfly rash. The nest most affected regions are the years, shoulders and upper arms of the sick person. In more severe cases they also appear on the chest and eventually on the arms of the patient.

A large variety and number of symptoms can also be present in the patients suffering from lupus. Chest pains may sometimes be present along side anemia. Some other skin disorders that make themselves felt because of this disorder are sensitivity to the sun light and loss of hair. Because of could related problems pale or purple fingers and toes are sometimes present in people with lupus. Patients may also feel dizzy and experience severe headaches. Different seizures may at one time ore another take hold of the patient. Depression are not uncommon in cases that are more severe or just in people who can’t cope with the ravages of the illness as well as others. Swelling is again a very common symptom in patients; the mostly appear around the eyes or joints and can even at some point make the entire limb swell up. Internal organs and different glands are also affected in different ways. New and different symptoms will almost certainly appear long after the diagnosis has been made, further complicating the life o
f the patient. Some of them can even appear and go away for a large amount of time. As said before, the disease affects each individual in an unique way.

While some people have milder forms others can suffer from a large variety of symptoms with quite severe intensities also. Some people may experience mild rashes on their bodies while other have more severe forms further complicated by aching joints. A number of people can have a lot of organs affected by this terrible disorder. The way the disease affects people is very different from person to person. Arthritis is most commonly present in patients along side sever muscle pain.

The internal organs of the body also have to suffer because of the disease. This way the kidneys, lungs, the heart and blood vessels and even the nervous system suffer greatly because of the ravaging way that the illness affects the body.

Doctors should always be consulted if complications of this symptoms make themselves present in the patient.

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