Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of gratitude keeps you in control of your life. You have the power of choosing what comes into your life and what you want to keep out. If you master the attitude of gratitude you can be grateful even in the midst of an argument.

Gratitude keeps your personal energy high and opens your perspective to new pleasant experiences for your life. You will be sought after, because you have positive energy that can be felt by other people who interact with you on a daily basis or frequently.

If somebody treats you badly, be grateful that you have the choice to walk away. Keep your Attitude up high, do not let others pull your strings. Be grateful that you have more positive energy than that person, Be grateful that you know how it feels when you are treated that way and promise to yourself that you will never do that to another person.

In case you get pulled in and you start arguing you loose the chance of choosing, you get into the downwards spiral of your energy. If you get a negative Attitude you will feel drained and angry, and you will radiate that negative energy into your life. To all the people you meet on that given day. You will be unpleasant to be with, and people will try to avoid you.

Choose to stay in control, help that person to see his/her impact in their own life, and if you can not help, be pleasant and walk away.

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