Work and Home Do Not Mingle

Today life is over stressed, both men and women are career oriented, they give 100% to their work. However it is not only the job where you have to give your 100% a relationship too needs that cent percent.

Usually it happens that you are very busy with your individual work. You are so busy that you get your work home. As such you are unable to take out time for your loved ones. There is nothing wrong in a professional attitude give your complete time and energy bur yes mingling work and home cannot be called professionalism. It is actually shrieking your personnel duties and responsibilities. If you share your experience about the day spend at work is perfectly alright as your partner should be aware of what all you go through during the day. But getting work home after spending more than half the day at work is incorrect on your part. You need to spend time with your mate when you are in a relationship otherwise your relationship looses its meaning. Then you become merely room partners and nothing else. If you are overloaded with work and it is unavoidable to ignore then you can get it home. But it is important to set some particular time for completion of your work and rest of the time you spend with your mate.

Moreover it is necessary that you make aware to your spouse that since you are so busy to need to give some extra time to your work so that your partner understands. Mostly what happens is that couples do not give any explanation when they get their work home and are totally engrossed in their individual work. This upsets the ones who are waiting home for their partners to return and get upset when their partners get engrossed in their work giving no heed to the one waiting for them. If you are among such couples then change your attitude and style for a happy relationship. If you are into the habit of getting work home regularly and not spending enough time with your mate then make sure that it will affect your relationship in the negative. Often you do not realize but such behavior causes the opposite partner a feeling of being neglected and rejected.

Your partner feels that you are not interested in spending time with him or her. If you feel that your relationship is really not working, then this could be the reason. It is very important not to mingle work and home for a peaceful, relaxed and happy life. You should plan out your work in such a way so that you can get time for your partner. Everyone wants fun and excitement in a relationship and if you spend the whole day as well as the night working then you become a big bore and your relationship gets boring. Try to finish work on time and make it a point to never mingle work and home together as it does not let you enjoy neither work nor family life.

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