The hazards of anorexia

In today’s society being slim or slender is very important. Because of this women are starting to suffer more and more. In order to lock right some over do it and end up starving them selves and exercising more than they should. This kind of eating disorders are actually starting to become real epidemics, especially among teenage girls and young women. The fact is that the women suffering from this disease have a deep felling of inadequacy and ineffectiveness about them selves. We call this disorder anorexia nervosa. The fact about it is that not many people know a lot about this.

Parents alone do not cause the onset of anorexia. Cultural, genetic and personality factors have a lot to do with who or who doesn’t develop the disease. People do a lot to maintain the standard slim silhouette that many wish they had. The awful truth about anorexic people is that they always feel fat, unattractive and of course inadequate. They always a feeling of being trapped and scared.

Anorexia is a very tough disorder to beat. People suffering from this disorder have a constant care about body weight, physical image and of course food and calories. The seriousness of the disease is so great that patients can’t escape this thoughts even in their dreams. They can vary from a simple worry to awful nightmares about calories and exercises. This illness is so severe that it actually takes years to conquer and defeat it.

Anorexia affects not only the actual person suffering from it, but also the people around them. Family and friends will sometimes feel exasperated and very confused. For those who do not know the anorexic patient, their behavior might seem selfish or even in some cases manipulative. The fact is that anorexia is a serious mental problem caused by sadness and distress.

Anorexia can be a very severe disorder. If left untreated people can even die from it. Compared with a lot of other mental illnesses it has one of the highest death rates. If anyone feels that he is experiencing any type of symptoms similar to the ones of anorexia, help should be looked after right away.

The most predominant symptom in anorexic people is their refusal to eat properly so that they can have a normal weight to body ratio. One should always maintain a body weight of about 85% of what is considered to be typical for someone the similar size.

The way it manifests is that the patient has a constant, if not growing, fear about getting fat or even putting on weight. The fear can be so severe as to continue even in the brink of death. Most often the person also has a very poor image about it’s self. In their opinion the way one looks is very important for the image that people have about you. It is not unlikely for people suffering from this disorder to actually deny the seriousness and severeness of the state they are in.

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