The Truth About Infertility Insurance Coverage

If you are experiencing infertility issues and have taken out insurance to help cover the costs of expensive treatments and drugs, it may be wise to check your policy and find out exactly what coverage, if any, you are entitled too.

You see, there is somewhat of a war going on at the present time surrounding infertility insurance between those who consider it is a condition which affects a minority and those who consider it as a legitimate disease and therefore worthy of full coverage.

Are You Being Denied Infertility Insurance

Insurance coverage is available for many types of conditions, it’s even available for pets but the stigma attached with infertility insurance seems a little hard to comprehend. Consider fertility treatments can run into the many thousands of dollars which is just not affordable for many couples.

Even when infertility insurance coverage is available the qualification process can present further barriers. Restrictions on eligibility such as a person’s age and the length of time they have been experiencing fertility issues can count against their chances of being accepted into an insurance program.

In recent times, the fight to have infertility recognized as a legitimate insurance risk has increased. If you have been recently denied and feel you have a good argument, check with your state authority and ask what further avenues you can pursue.

Employer Contributed Plans

In the US, a good deal of medical/health insurances are taken through employer contributed plans. If your employer is providing you with the avenue to medical insurance check the legal terms and conditions carefully.Your employer will often have the say on the options covered with these plans. About 20 per cent will include infertility insurance amongst the conditions which are covered but the majority don’t.

An argument against insurance coverage for fertility issues is those suffering from it are considered a minority group. The cost to the average tax payer would increase. Arguments for infertility coverage will say that this argument can also be made against other conditions.

The High Cost Of Infertility Treatment

This could be one of the reasons insurance companies may consider offering basic coverage for infertility. The initial costs for testing and diagnostic techniques are usually within the scope of most couples budgets however, once the treatments become more advanced, involving expensive drugs and fertility assisted procedures, the costs can spiral out of the scope of most.

Don’t despair though if you are struggling financially as some states have introduced mandates which requires some form of infertility insurance coverage. This is certainly an area worth investigating further.

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