Where Can I Play Golf

Just look around you. You will probably see a golf course or a sign pointing the way to a golf course. You may want to check out these golf course tips.

So many courses

Nearly every small town, mid-sized city and large city has a golf course. Most have more than one. So finding a place to play should not be a problem. In fact there are entire organizations devoted to public golf courses. People from all walks of life now enjoy playing golf. For example, since women were historically banned from playing golf, this is a distinct modern difference. Golf is no longer an exclusive country club game.

Is it expensive?

Golf can be surprisingly inexpensive. If you take time to find a good used set of clubs to start with and play at a nearby public course, golf is affordable. By asking golf equipment department stores, you may discover returned items available at much lower cost, but in good condition. Of course getting into the game as a member of a country club and buying the best clubs available will change things, especially your expenses.

Which state has the most courses?

That title probably belongs to California, Arizona and Florida. California has 600 public golf courses, in addition to the private clubs scattered across the state. All three of these states have drawn people to go on vacation or become year around residents, The sharp rise in retirees has also added to the increase in the number of golf courses as well. In fact, it is thought that the U. S. has as many golf courses as the rest of the world combined.

What if I want to go on a golf vacation?

That should not be a problem either. Many of the best golf destinations are actually public courses. Some of these are so good they are used for professional tournaments. Of course, if you go far enough that you will have to fly, there are some challenges in taking your golf clubs with you. By calling the airport ahead of time, you should be able to get an area designated for your golf clubs and keep them from being damaged or getting lost.

Golf is easily available to most people these days both in nearby locations and at low costs. You can play golf in just about any area in the U.S. whether you want to travel across the country or drive across town.

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