Cell Phones Making Children Safe and Secure

Let’s face it. As parents, we want to know where are children are at all times. Many parents will purchase their child a cell phone to make sure their child always has a way to call them and vice versa. However, many parents often purchase cell phones that have too many advanced features for a child. For example, does your ten year old really need to have access to the Web all of the time? However, the makers have now come out with several cell phones that are more appropriate for the younger child.

One of the best cell phones out there for the younger child is the Firefly cell phone. This cell phone is perfect for children between the ages of eight and twelve. Instead of the normal keypad found on cell phones, it only has a few buttons, making it much more user friendly. There is even a “Mom” key and a “Dad” key which will give children just one button to hit when calling their parents. This cell phone also allows the parents to program in a third button and it has up to twenty other dialing options, each to be preprogrammed by the parents. Of course, the 911 button is a big selling tool, as well, as it will allow the child to call for help. The Firefly does not have any games, Internet access, or text messaging features, making them more acceptable by both parents and schools alike.

A little more advanced than the Firefly, the TicTalk by Enfora will allow parents to control how the phone is being used, as well as when the phone can be used. Generally, this looks more like a walkie-talkie but the fact is it is a standard cell phone. While there is not a keypad, there is an LCD screen that is easily navigated to find the phone number to dial and there is room for twenty-three numbers. Parents, of course, can allot a certain amount of minutes the phone can be used, but kids will forget about this when the games of Leap Frog, Hangmen and others are discovered.

The Wherifone GPS Locator Phone is another option for parents who want to get their child a cell phone and it comes with even more protection for the child. This will also allow the parents to preprogram telephone numbers and it also comes with a GPS-tracking to let the parent know where their child is. All they have to do is type their child’s cell phone number in on a website and it will let them know their whereabouts. While this may not be what a child wants, it will help Mom and Dad out a lot.

The fact is we are now in a time that requires people of all ages to have cell phones. If you have a child that is involved with a lot of after school activities, the cell phone can save you a lot of time. If you are going to be late, call your child on their cell phone and tell them where to wait. Even better, if your child is running late, he or she can save you from hurrying to get their on time. The cell phone has many uses and with the current parental controls out there, there is no reason why your eight or ten year old should not have one in case of emergencies.

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