The new procedure for acid reflux sufferers

Acid reflux is not only a painful condition but a dangerous one too. It was proved that the acid can damage the esophagus and might force the affected person to take medication for life.

Nowadays, doctors agreed that a minimally invasive procedure will help patients to have a better control over their condition.

A case is mentioned as an example. The person that we are talking about had lived with the most common symptoms of acid reflux from the time he was a teenager. He especially developed heartburn and its symptoms were extremely painful. The sensation that is given by the heartburn symptom is characterized by our patient as a ball of fire in the throat.

It was proved that the person given as an example had GERD. This condition is more commonly known as acid reflux. The specified problem is caused by the stomach acid that back up the esophagus.

It is good to know that certain foods such as ice cream, spicy foods can set it off. A large amount of these mentioned foods might worsen up the condition.

Even if medication has to be helpful in our case after the years have passed the prescribed medication did not help any more. Because treatment was no longer helpful our patient seeks for help at DR. Ram Chuttani.

Dr. Ram Chuttani developed a procedure called the Plicato Procedure that was about to take 10 to 15 minutes. This new developed procedure was performed on our patient. The procedure consists of a device that goes down the esophagus making a tuck near the valve between the stomach and the esophagus in order to tighten up the area.

It is believed that this procedure will prevent the acid from coming from the stomach up to the esophagus. This procedure was approved in 2003 and later studies proved even more efficiency from this procedure.

Specialists also believe that the procedure is not only effective in relieving the symptoms of acid reflux but it also helps in decreasing the medication used for this condition and also the amount of the acid that comes up.

After choosing this procedure our patient’s acid reflux has reduced considerably. He also takes the medication once a day but he said that he can manage things that until the intervention he could not do.

He also said that he has a good night sleep without being woken up by the pain and the problems caused by the spicy foods are gone.

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