Important Dog Obedience Training Command.

I cannot stress more the magnitude of obedience training for your dog. Besides it is very substantial to the well being of your dog and your own delight in owning a dog.

Dog owners would undeniably enjoy more sharing a house, a car or even taking the time together walking your dog in the public, when your dog can be told to eliminate outside (house training), to come, to sit or to stay easily at your say.

Obedience Training also proved to be a very clear sign of responsible ownership, it is so commonly known that if your dog can display these basic obedience commands as well as walking on leash with ease and some other simple assignment, your dog can receive the American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen Certification.

This Certification is a proof that your dog is sociable, well behaved and safe to people in general. In some state this CGC Certification is a yardstick of your dog behavior and responsible dog ownership.

Dog owners more than others those who are new usually faces difficulty in training their dog, it is because they do not recognize that dogs think and act different from us. They failed to make much progress in dog training because they failed to realize that dog communicate differently from us.

The major mistake made by new dog owners is having a lot of command and inconsistency in their training routines. Remember that consistency is very critical, do not say 2 words for the same of action that you want your dog to obey.

Here below are some standard basic dog obedience commands that you should start with before going to other more more difficult command, that will aid you as dog owner to feel at ease bringing your dog for a walk in the park or in public places.

Come: this command is used to recall your dog

Sit: this command tell your dog to be in sitting position.

Stay: the dog must keep still in any position whether it is sitting, down or in that location where the command is given until released by you

Down: this command tells the dog to go down with its front feet and rear legs are touching the ground.

Here are some tips how you can truly increase the effectiveness and the speed of your dog learning:

1. Always use the same command words and in the same tone or speed of speaking

2. Have tolerance, your dog will fail you.

3. The dog has single track mind, teach one command at a time, do not try to teach a lot of command in one single training session

4. When your dog did something right or wrong, your rewards and punishment should come almost immediately. Do not punish or reward after a long time break from the act itself because your dog will not be able to connect the two.

5. Develop relationship with your dog by taking him out for an exercise or play with him. All training session should be based on this bond.

6. Before training your dog, you should get trustworthy dog training manual and go through it thoroughly before starting your dog training session. It is much more difficult to ask your dog to unlearn wrong things than learning new things

7. Never call your dog to come to you to punish, you will give them wrong understanding that the word come means punishment.

8. Never permit other people to give any command to your dog more so when you are training him.

9. Never train your dog when you are not in the mood or when you are not feeling well.

10. Never get violence with your dog.

Obedience Training is a clear indication of responsible dog ownership. Every responsible dog owner should strive to train his/her dog to at least acquire these basic obedience skills.

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