How do you Self – Improve yourself?

The best way to start is being ready for the change. If you want to change, because other people tell you to, you will not go very far. It needs some determination to begin with, and it should be your desire, to do so.


– You gain clarity [Goal]
– You gain knowledge [How to …]
– You gain experience [Practice]
– You develop solutions [integrating into your life]

Improving ones self depends on:

– what task requires you to improve your knowledge about a certain topic/theme
– what current issue in your life, requires that you grow personally, to solve it
– how open you are to the presented solutions

Self-Improvement starts with the desire to change circumstances, to overcome obstacles, making your life easier.

The most important task that comes before one can improve him/herself is to gain clarity. The realization of “Who” am I, “Where” am I, “Why” am I in this situation, “Who” can help me, “What” can I do to improve this situation, “How” do I prevent things like this in the future?

There is no one for all remedy to improve ones Self, but there are so many programs and courses out there to help you to Self-Improve. The not so easy task is, to find the one that helps you in your unique situation, which can be quite challenging, and another task is to figure out how to apply the gained knowledge into your unique situation! Trust in yourself, you will know what’s right for you when you find it. Be open minded, and know, there is a solution to every problem.

Are you ready to leave the road that brought you here? Is it time for you to take on the challenge to become what you meant to be, or will you falter and continue to live your life the way others tell you how it should be?

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