Get a Flawless Tanned Look Right at Your Home with the Sunless Tanning Lotion

So you want to get that sexy bronze look like Jennifer Anniston? But scared of the ill effects of harmful UV rays? So tanning under the sun in an exotic sea beach is an absolute no-no for you? Well, no need to get despaired-there is a solution for you! Yes you have guessed it right; I am talking of the sunless tanning lotion.

Don’t bother whether you have an oily, normal or problematic skin. The indoor sun tan lotion will give you the same glossy brown effect that you will get by lying under the sun in the sea beach in your skimpiest of bikinis. Just think of the shade you want to flaunt and there are a range of sun tan lotions that can give you any color that you think suitable for your looks. So getting that exotic look is no longer a long process for which you have to rush to the crowded sea beaches. You will get that attractive color on your skin right in the privacy of your home; the only thing you will need is a bottle of good quality tanning lotion.

You might be looking for the bronzed look just for an evening out with your boyfriend. Or May be you would like to have a longer lasting impact. No problem, there are all types of lotion to help you get the desired look.

If you want to get the best result from your sun less tanning lotion, you have to follow certain simple steps and keep certain things in mind.

If you are going to apply sun tan lotion on your skin for the first time, you are not probably aware of the importance of proper cleansing of the targeted area. So before pouring the lotion, make it a point to clean and exfoliate the area where you want to get a tanned look. Do not get hasty with the application. Apply the lotion with a smooth circular movement. Never rub the area harshly back and forth; it will damage your skin and you will not get to see the desired effect. You have to give at least fifteen minutes time to see what happens actually. If you make unnecessary hurry, the lotion can be rubbed off or can create inconsistent stain.

You will definitely not like to have a knee, elbow or ankle completely black. So be cautious of the amount of the lotion when you are applying it on these areas of your body. Lighter application is recommended for areas like knees, elbows, and ankles.

Before you use it finally, go for a patch test first. It will give you signal as to whether you are allergic to the chemical. Also take care of choosing the right shade. Because depending on the tones of the skin, a particular shade may produce different tan for different person. There are chances that the shade your friend used to get a perfect golden brown tan, the same lotion may make your body red. So before finally applying it on your body, insist on taking a trial of the product.

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