Power of thought

There is a famous saying that goes, “Man is what his mind is.”

Humans are controlled by their minds and each action that it takes is based on the thoughts generated. These thoughts, no matter what the situation is, reflect the nature of man, his behaviour and aspirations. One famous philosopher once said, ‘Circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him’.

Thus, we can see that a simple thought is where any deed or action takes root. A thought acts as a seed. A farmer when sowing is absolutely cautious about the quality of seeds. He takes care to till his land well, adds manure, then sows the seeds and sprinkles the soil with fertilizers. Similarly, we should allow only good and pure thoughts to reside in our minds. This can be done through personal spiritual growth and immersing ourselves in spiritual works. These thoughts in turn will reap good actions. Actions hat we can be proud of and will never have to be guilty or scared of hurting anyone. Thus, we too like the farmer have to be ruthless against all evil, pride, malice, slander and other evil manifesting around us in abundance. Do not let them even gain a foothold into your minds. This will ensure you stay away from negative acts and thereby negative thoughts in the long run.

As land needs fertilizers to reap an abundant harvest, we too need to cultivate a healthy thinking. In spite of all the chaos around us we should learn to take refuge and derive our solace from the fact that we are ONE with the Source and whatever life brings to us we have the capacity already to overcome. Strength can be found from inspirational material easily available like motivational e-books and tapes.

Never be afraid what may happen. Remember what you focus on will grow. If you focus on what you are afraid of, you are invoking the creation process of your fears. A farmer will never let his crop be harmed by digging or uprooting them. Treat negative thoughts the same way. Never let worries and doubts infiltrate your mind. Always stay calm and assured that you possess the ability and attitude required to get you out of any situation.

Keeping oneself surrounded with such self help material and developing a sense of affirmative thinking will ensure a steady stream of healthy and loving thoughts in your mind. With time, positive thinking will become second nature and no situations will put you off track. Persevere to cultivate good thinking and you will create a desirable reality. It is amazing to realise the mountains you can climb, the bridges you can cross and the success you can achieve when you change the way you think.

Ultimately, it is man’s thoughts that determine his course of life. These thoughts possess tremendous power. This can all be summed by the famous proverb, ‘as a man thinketh, so is he’

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