Why Doing The Work Is Not Enough To Guarantee The Rewards

I’ve heard people say that if you do the work then success will come. Unfortunately that is not true. The world is full of hard working broke people. The good news is that there is a way to ensure that your work will give you the results you want.

I’m reminded of a friend of mine who was a very good athlete in his particular sport. He was given the opportunity to train for some months in the same squad as the world champion for his event. He was very excited and said to me that he would finally discover the real training exercises that make a world champion.

I talked to him again when he returned from this great training experience and I asked him if he learned what the secret exercises were. His reply was that the world champion does the same training as any good athlete but that the focus and determination that he put into it was inspirational.

It’s not the work you do that makes the difference it’s the way you do that work that determines whether you will become great or mediocre!

If you are ambitious enough to be reading this article then you probably already have the habit of working hard. After all most people are far too busy watching television to have the time to learn how to improve their life. I don’t doubt your work ethic for a minute, but tell me how do you approach your work?

Do you work with total focus on that present moment or do you allow your mind to wander while you are working? Do you work with the firm commitment to do the best possible job that you are capable of or do you just do the job well enough to get by?

What do you think about the work that you are doing? Do you see it as a means to an end or are you totally passionate about it? It is interesting that most billionaires still work and that they generally continue working while they eat their lunch. Why? Because they love what they do so much that they don’t want to stop just to eat!

What are you learning from your work? Highly successful people believe that what they learn from their work is even more important than what they earn from their work. If you have a quest to continually improve your work then you will keep learning and keep applying that learning and your results will get better and better.

Most people complain that they aren’t getting paid what they are worth. They are judging their worth by the hours they put in. If they started to judge themselves by the quality of the work they put in then they would soon find their results improving and their income increasing.

Most people measure their productivity by what they get done in a day. Successful people measure their productivity by what they get done in each hour. Billionaires measure there productivity by what they get done each minute.

If you want to really reap all the rewards that life has to offer then you can never afford to believe that doing the work is enough. You have to do your work with total passion, focus and dedication to excellence.

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