BMW Hydrogen 7 to be delivered in UK

BMW UK will finally deliver its first fleet of the world’s first hydrogen-powered emissions-free luxury saloon cars. The momentous event is scheduled next week where eight BMW Hydrogen 7 cars are to be delivered in the UK.

These hydrogen-emissions-free luxury saloon cars are part of the total fleet of 100 Hydrogen 7 models that will comprise the major landmark in BMW’s CleanEnergy programme. It is the first time that Hydrogen 7 models have been produced on the ‘standard’ 7 series production line and will be utilize as an everyday mode of transport in the UK.

The fleet of liquid hydrogen powered cars is set to become a mainstay on the UK roads. They will also be made to take part as support vehicles for a number of high profile events over the summer as well as transport key participants at political, industrial, and business conferences. A selected group of high-profile VIP users will also be given the privilege to experience driving the greatness of emissions-free motoring.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 will be seen in action at a number of high-profile events beginning May 22 at the SMMT Test day at Millbrook followed by a week’s BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth. The Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Revolve alternative fuel Brighton to London driving event are also included in the itinerary of events together with a number of conferences and environmental summits.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 is derived from the existing 7 Series and comes with an internal combustion engine that is capable of running on hydrogen or petrol. When the car is in hydrogen mode the Hydrogen 7 emits nothing but water vapor. It is powered by a 260hp 12-cylinder engine, the Hydrogen 7 can sprint from 0 to 62mph in a matter of 9.5 seconds before it reaches an electronically limited 143mph top speed.

The unique dual power engine of the Hydrogen 7 enables it to quickly shift from hydrogen to conventional petrol power by simply pressing on the steering wheel-mounted button. The dual power technology has also given the Hydrogen 7 the cruising range in excess of 125 miles in the hydrogen mode and an extra 300 miles under the petrol power. Its 74 liter petrol tank and the additional hydrogen fuel tank allow the vehicle to take in an additional of 8kgs of liquid hydrogen. This means that the vehicle won’t require for frequent refueling. In case its time to refuel there is a filling station developed in Wembley to support BMW’s plans for a clean emission.

The Hydrogen 7 provides engine power and torque regardless of the fuel it currently use. The driver may also choose between hydrogen and petrol without having to fear that it will affect the driving behavior or the performance of the vehicle. However since the car is designed for hydrogen use its priority is of course using hydrogen as its primary source of fuel butin case it runs out of hydrogen that’s the time that it switches to using petrol.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 is very much different from the previous hydrogen concept cars presented by other manufacturers. But just like any standard vehicle that Hydrogen 7 may also be customize using aftermarket parts and accessories such as auto ventshade which does not only enhance the appearance of vehicles but also provide extra protection from all sorts of harmful elements. The Hydrogen 7 presents another milestone in the history of the auto industry.

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