Buying Commercial Wine Racks- Important Steps to Follow

Commercial wine racks are generally divided in two main groups. First group is represented by in-store Commercial wine racks, developed for high traffic areas of the store to stimulate sales. The second group consists of cellar or warehouse Commercial wine racks, predominately made for storage of large quantities of bottles before they hit the shelves. Primary mission of every wine storage rack is to properly facilitate wine bottles. Originally wine storage racks were designed to prevent cork from drying and therefore spoiling the content of the bottle. Today literally each wine storage rack is made to prevent cork from drying. But other factors like positioning the rack within the store, choosing the right design and color can significantly influence sales figures.

Many small to mid-size shop owners tend to purchase their commercial wine rack without giving it any thorough consideration. This partly originates from the lack of knowledge about the impact of a well chosen wine rack on customer purchasing behavior and on the overall quality impression of the shop.

How can you make the most of your new commercial wine storage rack?

Firstly you should carefully plan where your new wine rack should stand. There are many studies done on where in the process of shopping a customer is most likely to notice your wine collection and buy a bottle. Those studies on customer purchasing behavior can be found on web. A 2005 research in Denmark supermarkets for example showed that wine buyers bought more olives, fruit and vegetables, poultry, cooking oil and low fat cheese, milk and meat than beer buyers. So you really have to know your customers in order to pinpoint the right spot for your new wine rack.

Secondly, when planning a space for your in-shop wine storage rack, do not question yourself if there are wine racks that can actually fit the space you have planned for it. You will have no problems finding a wine rack that fits into the corner or even a wine rack that perfectly fits in the center of the shop. So do not limit your mind on design or color availability. Wine storage racks producers have made their job to provide just the solution you need.

Lastly, when you decide for a suitable commercial wine rack, do not let yourself get blinded by the overwhelming beauty of some wine racks out there. Some shop owners get lured by those extraordinary luxury designs, and buy them without thinking much about how this could affect the overall picture of their shop. There is one general advice to be followed. If you do not intend to sell high quality expensive wines ($30 up boutique wines) than you should stay away from any all-heart redwood or mahogany style wine racks.

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