Test Preparation

The first important thing to keep in mind while preparing for the test is that is not necessary to memorize and remember all the information. Good thing to be done is to analyze all information in general and fine the key words which help remember the most important things. Keywords should contain separate words which should be added with some phrases to explain and give definition of the keywords. So firstly the separate keywords should be found; then explanation phrases should be composed. Explanation phrases must not be remembered, they should be composed in your own words and express your own understanding of the key words. It is better to fix the key words and your own explanations as the notes. Such notes can easily and quickly refresh your memory just before the test begins. They will serve as a summary or an outline for the whole information.

Sometimes tests require not only knowledge and understanding of the whole information; they can also require presenting the details regarding definite pieces of information. In this case summary notes and outlines would not be so helpful. However, it would not be possible to memorize and remember all the details. Here the choice of questions to be answered is the best way to pass the test. Making the choice of definite questions can be based on their weight analysis. You can weigh the questions importance by yourself or you can ask your teacher which questions would give the greater importance on the test results. Focus on remembering the details of the questions with the greatest weight and leave the less important questions for the time left. While answering the questions during the test find these most important questions and give answers to all of them. Then, return to the questions left and give answers to them. Even if you do not have enough time for answering the rest less important questions you can still pass the test by gaining the limit needed for the grade by more important answers.

Whatever test should be done one general thing is to be remembered: you should practice a lot. If you want to succeed in test you must have good memory and time management skills. Memory development and time management skills can be provided best with practice. Find as many sample tests as possible to understand how much time you would really need and what gaps in knowledge you have. Finish each test practice with analyzing your weak and strong points, fix them in written form and keep these notes near you while doing the next test practice.

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