Finding Your Major Purpose in Life

Many people find that their major definite purpose lies at the intersection of three areas: their talents and abilities, their interests, and their passions. While it’s not a perfect formula, it is a good place to start searching for your own major purpose in life.

Identify Your Talents and Abilities Start by making a list of all your talents, skills, and abilities. Include all the things that you are good at, or that come easily to you.

In addition, think about any specialized knowledge that you possess. Do you hold a degree in a certain are? Are you an expert on a particular topic or field?

I am a sales assistant in a retail industry for 2 years before working as a business executive in the education industry.

As a sales assistant, I had to learn how to communicate with both my customers and colleagues. I had to learn how to handle some of the most aggressive customers or uncooperative colleagues. With that, I developed my communication skills to a point where I could encourage my colleagues and at the same time, make my customers happy.

Identify Your Interests The next step is to make a list of all your interests. What sparks your curiosity? What do you like to learn or investigate? What would you like to know more about? What subject do you find fascinating? What areas of knowledge would you like to explore? If you could be an expert in any subject, what would you choose? Why stop at one, choose two or even three areas of expertise you could develop.

For this section of the exercise, try to focus more on your intellectual interests.

I have a very strong interest in Personal Development. For the past three years, I have read articles, books on the subject. I kept newspaper articles on men or women who could define all odds to achieve whatever they desire.

So naturally, for me Personal Development is being identified as my interest

Identify Your Passions The last step is to make a list of all your passions. What do you really enjoy doing? What gets you excited? What do you feel strongly or passionately about? What really gets your juices flowing? What have you always wanted to try but never attempted?

If you could work in any field whatsoever, what would you choose and why?

For me, the thing that gets me excited is when people write to me telling me how much they like what I wrote. You see, besides writing articles, I also contribute my thoughts in local forums. Most of the time, to help people I have never met solve their problems. Because forums are a public domain, I don’t only help one person, but many more who read my entries.

Recently, I found another way to share my thoughts and knowledge, and that is through public speaking.

I am convince that one you have a clear idea of who you want to be, the only thing you need to find out is what skills is needed to help you be who you want to be. Hopefully, this formula could guide you along while you are searching for your own major purpose in life.

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