The most and least fuel efficient cars

It goes without saying that the more expensive the car, the worse the gas mileage. Although these results display overall value, they do not compare apples to apples. Especially when you consider that most of the cars that get the worst mpg on the road are a very small percent of the vehicle population and are probably not seeing daily use. Not to mention the fact that they possess some big engines. Take a look at what the U.S. Department of Energy display as getting the best and worst gas mileage.

Most Efficient Overall Lately this category has been dominated by our Japanese friends at Toyota. The Prius tops almost every list we’ve researched with regards to fuel efficiency, and in fact the Prius seems to top lots of ‘best of’ lists. Pioneers in hybrid technology, Toyota continues to set the pace for manufacturers worldwide.

Two seaters The Mazda MX-5 gets the best gas mileage in the two seater category, which makes sense when you consider their miniscule size. A two seater in every sense of the word, the MX-5 manual transmission gets just a tad better mileage in the city than its automatic sibling. They both however, get 30 mpg on the highway which makes them an ideal candidate for that guilt-free drive up the coast.

On the flip side the two seater with the worst gas mileage is the Lamborghini L-147/148 Murcielago. A car which very few of us have even seen in person, much less been concerned with its gas mileage.

Minicompant results No ‘best of’ list is complete without a nod to the Mini Cooper, who proves over and over that it is a fantastic investment. Boosting a highway mpg of 40 and city mpg of 32, for the manual transmission the Mini is one of the most stylish non-hybrid options on the most fuel efficient list.

Conversely the worst in the minicompact category is the beautifully stylish Aston Martin DB9 Coupe and Volante, probably because of that gas-chomping 5.9L engine they sport. Chances are, those that will purchase a vehicle like this will not be using it as a daily commuter anyway.

Subcompacts In this category Toyota does it again with their subcompact Yaris. Odd name aside, the Yaris gets good gas mileage without the hybrid hassle and price tag. This makes it a valuable choice in the fuel efficient market today.

On the other hand is the worst in our subcompact category which is the Bently Azure, again in such a high end, specialized category most of us regular Joe’s will not even see one in our life time, much less be researching their pros and cons for purchase.

Compact car class The most efficient compact cars is a close tie with the Honda Civic Hybrid giving the Toyota Corolla a run for its money. The Civic Hybrid eeks out close to 20 mpg better gas mileage in the city than the Corolla, and gets about 10 mpg better on the freeway. Although in terms of best value, this is a hybrid who is competing with a regular gas burning engine. The ever popular Corolla is a very economical choice indeed.

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