Make Money on eBay ~ How to Create the Perfect Item Description

The Listing description is your opportunity to really let prospective buyers know what they will be getting when they purchase your item. Make money on eBay by making that description complete and correct. It is important to include the right details to ensure that prospective buyers do have an accurate understanding of the items that you list.

Make money on eBay by describe your item in enough detail to generate buyer interest. Your description should also help buyers know exactly what they will get when the item arrives. Be sure to include all of the important information such as:

– Color and texture
– Item size or dimensions
– Brand Name / Manufacturer
– Year the item was made
– Materials that the item is made of
– Item condition (new, used, antique, broken, etc.)
– All flaws, repairs, or imperfections
– Any special or unique information specific to your item (History, unique features, warrantee, and other information that you feel may be of importance.)

Your item description is the place to include all information about payment options, shipping costs, and other special information (You do International Shipping, for example.). Also include information about guarantees that you may offer.

Once the description is completed, be sure to double check everything. Make money on eBay by ensuring that spelling is accurate, all information is complete, that you have been accurate in everything that you have written, and that you have complied with eBay policies and guidelines regarding listings.

A well-written description will help you make money on eBay. Invest the time and energy to create a description that draws attention and accurately describes the item that you are listing.

To Your eBay Success!

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