Inside Out Approach

It is very easy to place the blame of failure on someone else. People always tend to take the easy route of placing the responsibility for something going wrong on other people, situations or external factors. In fact it is human nature to point the finger. Oh yes, we are all self exalting, never accepting that we can go wrong. Whether we aware of it or not, each one of us has an ego, and it is this ego which leads us to finger pointing behaviour.

However, there is no power in playing victim. Such behaviour always renders power to some external force. We lose the power inherent in us and become hostages to our ego. What is needed is higher level of consciousness and the knowledge that we are spiritual beings whose capabilities are immense.

In his book, the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven Covey draws attention to the fact that between stimulus and response there is ALWAYS a choice. Whatever circumstances we may face, what other people may do to us, we still have the choice to decide how to respond to that. During trying times we can choose whether to overcome or to crumble. It is a choice available to all of us and we all know of people who have been thrown in difficult situations and came out stronger. Nelson Mandela was in prison for 27 years and despite the tough circumstances, Mr Mandela came out to inspire all of us. Instead of crumbling, he came out a leader and the legacy of his courage and resilience will continue to be an inspiration today and for future generations to come. Clearly, Mr Mandela was aware of his power to choose his actions and responses, and as a result he was able to make conscious decisions and rise above the difficulties he faced.

However, many of us have fallen trap to what is known as the ‘‘Pavlovian’’ behaviour of simply reacting to situations and events without being aware of it. Through social conditioning, we don’t even question our actions. If someone says ‘horrible’ things to us, we automatically get angry. But truthfully speaking, we have the choice whether to get angry or not. We have given up on our power of choice and just take things as given. Without even questioning, we take part in this herd behaviour of reaction. In other words, we are asleep and not awake to the power within us.

Right now, ladies and gentleman wake up to the power of choice. Don’t just react to situations and events. Adopt a proactive approach of questioning your actions, and making conscious decisions. By so doing you will break free from being a hostage to the ego. You will let your Higher Self guide you and this is the inside out approach, where all life’s battles are fought within. Remember you are the author of your own life, it is your choice to use this right or give it up and let others write your life for you.

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