Foreign Language Teaching Techniques

This does not mean we should start study language when we are adults, however adults are much easier to motivate and interest in language learning. At the same time children have fresh memory, quick comprehension abilities and more free time to study language effectively. Thus, there is the question: at what age should the language be taught best?

Language should be taught at any age, but teaching techniques much vary depending on learners age. Teaching language for younger pupils should not focus on future motivation, such as importance of foreign language for jobs and careers and better salaries. Children are not interested in their future, they enjoy their present. Thus, it would be useful to introduce children the language’s country and its culture. Here the comparison lessons would be perfect way to interest the children. Such lessons are very helpful to give children much new vocabulary which can be remembered easily during the lesson. For example, Christmas vocabulary can be easily introduced through the lesson where the teacher compares how Christmas is celebrated in England and children’s native country. It is better to perform comparison lesson by questioning children about their Christmas traditions while talking about English Christmas. Ask children to sing the songs or declare the poems they usually hear at Christmas, then give them English songs and poems to compare. If children find some differences in songs and poems, try to explain these differences by different cultural and historical background of England and children’s native country. The more children are taught about foreign country the more they are interested in learning it because some time later they will be able to visit it!

Teaching adults varies greatly as adults have strong motivation and clear goals of learning foreign language. Most often they start learning foreign language because they need it for their career or business needs (travel, foreign partners etc.) Thus, they want to learn language easily and quickly as they do not have much free time. Adult teaching should focus on tips of how to comprehend the language themselves. While teaching adults foreign language teachers should spend a few minutes by explaining how to learn vocabulary, comprehend grammar and practice new information. The effect would be better if adult learners could teach language to themselves. Here the teacher should be an advisor and an assistant rather than a teacher. If you are able to give your adult students learning tips in order to use them for foreign language learning you will definitely be proud of your students in a future.

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