Herbal Home Remedies for Joint pain

Joint pain is one of the Arthritis symptom. It affects one or more joints. It is caused by various types of injuries or conditions. Joint pain may be caused by the inflammation of the bursae known as bursitis. The bursae are fluid-filled sacs that cushion and pad, bony parts, allowing free movement of muscles and tendons over the bone.

Causes of joint pain

* Joint injury
* Joint strain
* Arthritis
* Tendinitis
* Bursitis

Home Remedies for joint pain

* Warm bath is the highly usefull water treatment for joint pains.
* Massaging the affected area with any oil will provide relief from joint pain.
* Drink a cup of papaya seed tea six or seven times daily for two or three weeks to get relief from joint pain.
* Eat garlic cloves fried in butter for treatment of joint pains.
* Eating chapatti made of roasted grams flour with clarified butter gives relief from joint pains.
* Mix two to three teaspoonful of winter cherry with ghee and molasses to make porridge. Eat this porridge with an empty stomach for 15-20 days.
* Among fruits bananas are considered as the best for the joints as they provide strength and grease to the joints.
* Take 1-2 teaspoonful of turmeric in hot milk to cure all kinds of body pains.
* Carrot juice is highly beneficial as it strengthens the ligaments.
* Apple cider vinegar is useful for joint pains treatments.
* Rub the aching joints with hot vinegar before going to bed at night.
* Two teaspoons apple cider vinegar and 2-3 teaspoons of honey dissolved in a small glass of warm water brings relief from joint pains.
* Mix camphor, methyl salicylate. eucalyptus oil and menthol to make a rubbing mixture for aches and joint pains.
* Gomukhasana is beneficial yogic asana for the cure of joint pains.
* Alternate hot and cold compresses on the painful area gives relief from joint pains.
* Mix fresh carrot juice with equal parts of lemon juice and take one large teaspoonful everyday for treatment of joint pains.
* Exercise increases your joint flexibility and also strengthens your bones. Exercise in water can reduce pain and improves flexibility.
* A gentle massage with Arthcare Oil is advisable to relieve joint pain and to strengthen the bone tissues, the skeletal and the neuromuscular systems, giving a comfortable movement of joints and muscles.

Oils and Rubs for treatment of joint pains

* Olive Oil: A gentle massage with warm olive oil is cheap and also effective.
* Camphor Rub: Mix in the proportions of 1 teaspoon of camphor oil to 1 teaspoonful of sunflower oil and massage the affected areas with this rub to get relief from joint pains.

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