Goal Attainment: The Other Side of Challenge

To accomplish one’s goal in life can be a daunting and intensive affair. It can also be an experience, which pushes one to the brink of their personal capacities. This sometimes-painful process is the growth catalyst within our lives.

Study the biographies of some of the greatest personalities of our time, and you can identify moments and experiences, which served as a point of awakening, forever changing the direction of the person’s life. Challenges are a necessary part of a person’s growth and evolution. An existence devoid of such activity is an existence of stagnation. In nature the cataclysmic affects of storms, brush fires, etc. sometimes leave the perception of irreconcilable destruction in our view. However what we cannot see with the physical eye, is the incredible potential for new life, and expressions of vibrancy to emerge.

This paradigm on life is a propostion, which is easier said than done. When one is gripped in the throws of turmoil and challenge seeing the light at the end of the tunnel can be difficult. The difficulty in seeing the other side is as much a part of the process of rebirth as is the pain involved.

As people we can only speculate as to the time-frame of our eventual emergence into the light much like a midwife can only speculate as to the exact time of a birth. Striving in one’s perceived way, towards one’s goals is a process nurtured by faith, focus and patience. One must understand that the “process”, is a necessary part of the birth and evolution of one’s gifts.

Regi Adams is a a business coach, educator and writer for Bascom & Adams Business Solutions. Regi has conducted his human based approach to professional development within multiple Fortune 500 companies. Regi’s philosopy on exceptional business performance is that “all success starts with people”. Thus Regi’s approach to creating high performance organizations is by creating high performance teams, made up of high performance people.

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