A Healthy Colon Infuences Weight Loss

Many parts of the body are involved in weight loss and weight gain. One of the most neglected and most important is your colon. The colon receives everything you put in your stomach and separates the good from the bad. Your health, vitality, weight and even longevity are dependent on your colon doing a good job.

For your colon to perform it’s duties it needs a little help in the form of dietary fiber. Fiber is recommended in sound weight loss plans to make you feel fuller, regulate insulin levels (a fat storage hormone), and to promote proper colon function. Without fiber your colon slows down and stuff just sits there rather than being pushed through your body. The longer food stays in your digestive tract, the more time there is to absorb calories. Staying regular can help absorb less calories.

A sluggish colon will reduce your metabolic rate as your body is less supported by proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. You will also have less energy to do things like exercise if your colon is not processing food correctly.

Here are some things you can do to improve your colon health for faster weight loss:

* Eat foods high in natural nutrients. Eating organic is best.

* Add fiber to your diet whenever possible.

* Avoid processed foods. As a rule if it comes in a package or box don’t eat it. Foods close to their natural state are best.

* Get some exercise. Movement stimulates the colon to do it’s job better.

* Lower stress levels. High stress levels disrupt proper colon function. It can also lead to binge eating.

Colon health isn’t something often stressed by the healthcare profession. It’s up to you to take responsibility for your health. Improving your colon health will affect nearly every aspect of your physical and mental functioning. It will dramatically increase your chances of successful weight loss too!

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