Make Your Future Study Effective

The first thing to master future information for study is to make it well-scheduled. Scheduling is better to be planned for long-period of study. Thus, take your time first to find out all new topics and homework assignments to be given for students for a couple of months. Ask your teachers/tutors to give you a list of future topics and homework assignments and explain you need this list to improve your study. Scheduling future topics to study and home assignments to complete should include time management and a checklist for each topic/assignment. Take a few hours of your weekend or evening to think of how much time will be required for each assignment completion and what extra actions it will require (finding resources, reading books, going to the library etc.). Once you have determined the time required and the actions needed you are able to schedule this future assignment/topic by estimating the right day and time to master it.

A checklist for each topic/assignment for future study should include the activities demanded to complete assignments/learn topics successfully. Although new assignments and topics may vary greatly in their tasks, volumes and learning approaches (especially at high school) they all have the same activities list to complete them successfully: task comprehension, outlining, research, reading resources, taking notes, planning, selective reading, comprehension, analysis and conclusion. Each activity may vary in time consuming, it depends on the topic/assignment itself, therefore it is very important to estimate each activity duration correctly. Here time management skills would be of great help. Completed checklists should be included into your future study schedule which can be presented as a table where each topic/assignment has its own columns defining time and checklist activities. It is also helpful to mark in colors the activities which you are not confident in or feel the activities completion will make difficulties or cause questions. Different colors will give a clear understanding of how many problems you may have in a future and how and when you are able to eliminate them.

The last thing to be prepared for future study success is active communication with teachers/tutors and classmates. Do not hesitate to initiate the future topics/assignments discussion with your teachers, they will be appreciated for your interest in future study success.

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