Aging, Depression, Suicide & EQ

There are so many myths about aging. For instance, do you think, as many do, that “all old people are alike,” and that nobody changes after about the age of 50? Nothing could be farther from the truth. Freud’s famous statement that people couldn’t change after the age of 50 simply isn’t true. At the […]

Read the Labels on Anti Aging Creams

When you are shopping for and comparing labels on anti aging cream products, it can be very confusing. The names of the ingredients may seem foreign to you. You may wonder what these ingredients do and if they really work. Becoming familiar with some of the ingredients used in these products will help make comparing […]

Anti-Aging Products: Race Against Time

The anti-aging body of knowledge is becoming a new specialty in Medicine. Currently, anti-aging medicine focuses on the study and application of diagnostic and therapeutic methods addressed to the early detection of disease and the use of the most advanced and effective therapies known to date. Anti-aging medicine is, or needs to be, scientific, evidence-based, […]

Anti-aging Skin Products

What are anti-aging skin products? Anti- aging skin products have completely revolutionized the concept of skin care. If you are ‘blessed’ with a dry type of skin then you have the best reasons to feel worried and anti-aging products are absolutely essential for you. After washing your face your skin feels tight and stretched. There […]