PC Maintenance. What is it and who does it?

PC Maintenance is a process where a person manages their computer, keeping it clean, secure, updated and running smoothly. This includes the removal of unwanted files and programs, updating security software, scanning with the updated definitions, backing up important data and settings, etc. A PC should have routine maintenance performed on the operating system software […]

Linux Training – New to Linux – How to Use Linux Command Options

Most Linux distributions (versions) have Graphical User Interface (GUI) utilities that you can use to do Linux administration. However, these “point-and-click” Linux utilities are slow and cumbersome and they are different from one Linux distribution to another. Therefore, to learn how to use Linux, don’t spend time learning Linux GUI utilities. As part of your […]

Clear All History

With the advent of technology, the concept of paperless offices, online transactions have become an everyday event. Today, for most of our work we depend on the computer and the Internet. However, while using the Internet most of us are not aware about the security problems faced by our computer during both online transactions as […]

The Benefits Of Aluminium Laptop Cases

People who take their laptops on the road with them would benefit from purchasing products like aluminum laptop cases. We put a lot of information on our portable personal computers and we also put quite an investment in the products. It only makes sense that we protect these valuable items as much as we possibly […]

Tips for Buying a First Computer

The first question you need to ask yourself is why you need a computer and for what purpose you will use it: * Surfing the Internet * Sending and receiving e-mail * Word Processing * Spreadsheet and Money management * Listening and recording music * Storing and manipulating images * Playing games When you are […]

Linux Commands Tutorials – Using the man Command with Examples of Options – A Hands-On Tutorial Help

This Linux command tutorial shows you some examples of how to run the Linux man command using popular, commonly used command options. The Linux man Command The Linux man command is used to view Linux “man pages” and these “man” (for “manual”) pages describe thousands of Linux commands and concepts. Linux Tips: The Linux man […]