Shaping Culture for Success

Have you ever implemented a new procedure only to find that no matter what you did to enforce it, no one followed it? If so, it’s likely that you were bumping up against the 800 pound Gorilla of corporate culture. Whether you have one employee or thousands, there is “the way things work around here.” […]

Learning From Anna Nicole Smith

The untimely demise of Anna Nicole Smith is continuing to rule the airwaves. The father of her daughter continues to be disputed and finally a judgment has been made on who will receive the remains of the former Playboy Playmate after much debate. The media often portrayed Smith as either a gold digger or a […]

Malay Proverbs from Head to Toe

In the past, tyrants claimed heads on whims. Nowadays, spoiled children rule as little tyrants in their homes. They are never happy with anything given by you. Give them a piggy back ride on your shoulders, they will want to ride on your head next. That’s how a Malay proverb describes brats : ” shoulders […]

Halloween Masks

The contemporary celebration of Halloween comes from the ancient Celtic festival of `Samhain.’ It is an annual celebration observed on October 31. It is a tapered version of All Hallows Eve. Halloween came to America through the Irish, who are believed to be modern descendents of the Celts. When the potato crop failed in Ireland, […]

Chinese Zodiac and Chinese Astrology

These 12 animals represent the twelve year, rotating cycle that is essential to the Chinese zodiac. You’ve probably heard people refer to a specific year being the According to legends, these were the animals that appeared before The Jade Emporer (or Buddha, depending on which story you are talking about) responding to an invitation. The […]

Smoking As a Part of Culture

Smoking has a long tradition and history in all major countries. It is not just a personal habit. It is a part of our culture. No matter what laws are made and how many campaigns launched against it, smoking tobacco is today a very essential ingredient in the lives of many. As a cultural trait, […]