Digital SLR Vs Compact Point and Shoot Camera

All in all, there are three main categories of digital cameras: the Digital SLR camera, the Compact Point and Shoot camera and the High Performance Digital Point and Shoot. The Digital SLR camera boasts with a high mega pixel, the lowest being 6.3 and extending higher up. The Digital SLR is great because it offers […]

What to keep in mind while buying a cell phone

Buying a cell phone isn’t rocket science, yet it isn’t such a difficult activity that you need any special advice or ‘guides’. However, there might be several pointers that veterans like us can offer to the novices and first time or upgrade buyers. The most important advice remains the evergreen – “Know what exactly you […]

Headphones Are For Many Uses

In our professional lives, we are increasingly on the go. Fewer and fewer people work out of an office setting in which they sit there all day. When they are in an office setting, they are probably sharing a cubicle with one or two other workers. This can result in distracting noises or competing sounds, […]

Noise Cancelling Headphones To Drive a Nail?

ou wouldn’t take your sports car off-roading, neither would you race your pickup truck around an oval against NASCAR drivers. It’s a no brainer…you use the right equipment for the right job. For recreational audio enjoyment (like listening to music or chatting on your cell phone with friends), there are several different kinds of head […]

Discovery the Ultimate Headphone Accessory

Noise cancelling eadphones are usually considered an accessory themselves…an accessory to the ipod or the telephone or the cell phone for which they are being used. However, as more and more people are discovering the enjoyment of being an audiophile (a music lover) they are discovering the value that a headphone provides in reducing exterior […]

Start Your Own Audio Book Club

Book lovers have long been starting and joining book clubs. There is something very rewarding about sitting around with friends and discussing your varied views on a favorite book. Multitasking has become a way of life and the emergence of audio books has found its way into the lives of busy book lovers across America. […]

GPS on Your PDA

Did you know that in civilian aviation, relative improvements are constantly made in what you could call pilot’s toys? For example, there are already sectional charts made available on PDA GPS. Sectional charts are like aviation maps. Pilots use these maps in flight planning and aeronautical navigation. Additionally there are many other data’s useful for […]

Men And Mobiles

What is it with people and mobile phones? I mean, it’s almost as if they’ve become an extension to the arm, or ear, or mouth even. I hate to say it, but the day my wife got her first mobile phone was the day we stopped communicating. That must sound incredibly ridiculous to say that […]