Surface Treatment of Polypropylene Films for Printing and Coating

Polymers generally, but notably polyolefins, have low surface energies and it can be difficult for inks and other coatings to adhere to them. In the case of polyolefins, such as polypropylene (PP), the problem is particularly severe since this polymer has a surface void of polar groups. Thus, only weak physical (dispersion-force) interactions can bond […]

Nuclear Power becomes Popular Again

According to the Guardian (Monday March 27, 2006) the overwhelming majority of leaders at last week’s European Union summit, including Tony Blair, strongly backed a revival of nuclear power as the answer to Europe’s growing dependence on overseas supplies and to combat climate change. Nuclear power plants currently provide about 17 percent of the world’s […]

The Wind Farms Debate

These will generate enough power to supply the average electricity needs of 8,500 homes in the local area. This wind farm is not situated out to sea but in the picturesque hills of the Saddleworth Moors and would be visible for miles around. Government targets state that 10% of the UK’s energy should be supplied […]


In the U.S., gas is the short form of gasoline, while in many Commonwealth countries, it is known as petrol. Gas is a petroleum-derived liquid mixture that consists of hydrocarbons and is used as a fuel in internal combustion engines. There are different types of gasoline in the fuel industry. Small aircrafts use specially formulated, […]

Will Wind Energy Be Blown Away?

Wind energy is form of renewable energy. This ‘new’ source of energy is getting more popular and not without reason. In various parts in the world big wind turbine parks are placed by corporate businesses yielding big quantities of energy that can be sold as environmental friendly or ‘green’ energy. Wind energy is big business. […]

Is Alternative Energy The New Eldorado

There is money in alternative energy and big corporations are discovering this fact. Not only are existing companies securing their position, new companies that specialize in this new energy source are increasing also. Is there really money to be made or is this the new Eldorado? Many believe that this new form of converting ‘free’ […]