Biofriendly Corporation is reversing the trend on alarming U.N. global warming report

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is shortly due to release Climate Change 2007, a report in which 2,500 scientists from 130 countries indicate that the current potentially catastrophic trend towards global warming has been induced by, among other factors, the long-term use of fossil fuel. Fortunately, Los Angeles area-based Biofriendly Corporation has a product that […]

How to Stop Deforestation?

Deforestation has rapidly destroyed much of the planet’s forests for years. One major challenge for governments and environmentalists alike would be how to stop deforestation so current environmental conditions would not come to worse. In the past centuries, people have been naturally cutting down trees and burning down forests. Take note that hundreds of years […]

Acid is falling from the sky

The phenomenon of acid rain is caused by rain drops that contain pollutants like oxide from sulfur and nitrogen. This deadly combination generates acid in the droplets of rain. This gives acid rain its sour taste. The main causes of these pollutants are created by man: cars and industrial and power plants. The areas with […]

The Environmental Movement Gaining Momentum

It’s a great time for those who have consistently fought to bring environmental concerns to the forefront in the news as well as in people’s minds across the world. Finally, the green movement, the movement to help stop dangerous greenhouse gases from destroying the ozone layer and causing disastrous global warming, is gaining a ton […]

Global Warming – 5 Facts

Global warming is happening and some people still think it’s not happening which is just fine, but even they have to admit the climate is changing. The planet constantly altering, we have to decide what we will do to adapt. Animals and plants are already changing the way they act by blooming and migrating sooner. […]

Eco-Friendly Furniture Benefits both You and the Environment

Most people equate comfortable living to having the right furniture pieces for your home, in addition to an adequate budget, working car, among a list of other necessities. However, with the heightened awareness of eco-friendly EVERYTHING, one should think about investing in one of these options, starting with environmentally friendly furniture for their home. There […]

Saving the earth: start in your backyard

Saving earth is everyone’s responsibility. The damages done to the earth resources have to be slowed-down and eventually stop if we want our children and grand-children to enjoy a healthy outdoor life like we can. The big polluters have been pointed and rules and regulations to diminish the toxic gas emissions have been put into […]