Before You Apply, Compare

If you are considering applying for a credit card, make sure before you apply you compare the interest rates available. There are so many credit card companies willing to take your business make sure you shop yourself around first. The interest rates that you qualify for will depend on your credit worthiness. This simply means […]

Neo-classical theory

The views of neo-classical economists are considered to be traditional for most economic problems. Maybe it is because the foundations of this theory are very pragmatic and practical. Fundamentally, neo-classical theory was developed by the representatives of marginal school and consequently it is based on marginal concepts of economy which imply that all market institutions […]

Advantages of Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is also known as an open-end fund and is an investment company that spreads its money across a diversified portfolio of securities- including stocks, bonds or money market instruments. Shareholders who invest in a fund each own a representative portion of those investments, less any expenses charged by the fund. Advantages of […]

Debt Settlement and your Credit

The primary purpose of good credit is to save you money by helping you procure lower interest rates that otherwise wouldn’t be available to you. Interestingly, some consumers fail to recognize this fact when considering the appropriate option for debt resolution. The main reason for this is a lot of people interpret their credit on […]

7 Steps to a Fresh Start after Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is one option to consider in order giving yourself a “fresh start,” when you have more debts than you have assets. There are in fact many types of bankruptcy provided under the law but the most common is Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is also known as liquidation. When filing under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all […]

Minority Shareholder Squeeze Out

For those that have been a victim of a minority shareholder squeeze out, the experience can be a nightmare. It usually involves the majority shareholder first terminating the employment of a shareholder of less than 50% of the privately held company’s stock. The benefit to the minority shareholders in owning the stock is primarily their […]