Wheat – Some History

Long ago, before the conveniences we have now, people traveled to different places to find food. They would eat whatever grew wild. When the population began to increase however, and more and more food was harder to find, the travelers had to figure out how to grow the food themselves. So they had to settle […]

Fast Food and Calories

Here in the technology and information age, we have more knowledge and advancements than ever before in history. Sixty years ago, who would have ever thought that you could send an instant message over a phone, let alone take a picture with it? Sixty years ago, who would have thought we would be capable of […]

Chlorophyll from Raw Food

Many have been taught the benefits of vitamins and minerals, and the benefits of antioxidants, but to many the benefits of chlorophyll for many are unknown. As the springboard for photosynthesis, the process by which plants convert the sun’s rays into energy, chlorophyll is vital. In it’s natural state, this element is healing to the […]

Salmon Recipes

Salmon can be prepared in various styles. However, before you attempt to cook salmon it is essential that you actually know how to buy good, fresh salmon. Which type to buy will depend on your style of cooking. If you are planning to grill them, then buy them in fillets or steaks. For baking, get […]

Women As Edible Art

There is a real art to saying something without really saying it. In other words, you can say something by not saying it if you ‘talk around’ a topic. By using metaphors, one can talk about almost anything, even the topic of ‘Women as Edible Art.’ Confusing enough? Read on. My lesson in ‘talking around’ […]