The Outdoor Living Room

Have you seen what’s new in the world of outdoor patio furniture? Teak, wicker, wrought iron, and a diversity of wooden and caned varieties are all the rage in outdoor furniture and accessories. Let your backyard entertainment living space take on the look you dream of. Check out what’s happening in the way of outdoor […]

The Seven Secrets To Home Decorating Success

Two identical houses sit side by side, walk into one and you feel comfortable and welcome.Walk into the second house and you feel ugh – uncomfortable? The people in both houses are friendly, the type of people you would like to get to know better. What’s the difference? The difference is the way the houses […]

Quality Furniture Starts at the Joints

A telltale sign of quality furniture is what kind of joints are used to combine the different wood elements. Avoid furniture that uses simple butt joints, where two pieces of wood are glued or nailed edge to edge without overlapping. These joints will not stand the test of time, let alone the rigors of everyday […]

Decorating Guide-The Oriental Look

If you’re looking for a sleek, exotic look perfectly suited for smaller apartments and living spaces, Oriental-styled furniture is a definite option to consider. Chinese and Japanese offerings have had a great influence on Western furniture and modern design. Bedroom furniture pieces such as the platform bed and futon, as well as stacked chests and […]

Workplace Safety Tips and Techniques

Safety precautions whilst at work has never been of more importance. The facts are that Whilst workers can be at risk of personal injury, employers are susceptible to being referred to tribunals, especially when considering the increasing amount of no-win no-fee solicitors. According to statements from the Royal society for the prevention of accidents (rspoa) […]

Decorating Guide-The Mission Look

If you like your furniture built solid and built to last with no frills or needless embellishment, then Mission Style furniture is what you’re looking for. The Mission or Arts and Crafts Movement was a backlash against the extravagant, over-the-top designs of the Victorian era and also against the mass produced furniture emerging after the […]

Platform Beds – Perfect for Any Bedroom

If you’re one of the few yet to be swept up in the platform bed hysteria, consider yourself, well…unlucky. A new platform bed is an easy and affordable way to give your bedroom a new look while adding some contemporary style and Far East influence. These low-profile beds make an ideal centerpiece for a modern […]

A Metal Barn Versus A Wooden Structure

Traditionally, barns were wooden structures used to house the various animals and supplies needed to run a farm. Now, however, more and more people are choosing to use metal barns instead of those made of wood. There are several advantages to using a metal barn as opposed to a wooden one, some of which are […]