What NOT to do in your cover letter

When you are looking for a new Accountancy job, along with your CV you must also enclose a cover letter to the company you are applying to. This is what the employer reads before the CV, so it is even more important that this stands out. The following pointers describe the things that should be […]

Are You Properly Executing Due Diligence In Your Business Activities?

Poring over due diligence checklists for every conceivable commercial activity is a necessity for those thinking of merging or purchasing businesses. They need a due diligence checklist to enable better and secured operations for their intended business activity. Of the many different situations that arise when two companies move towards a merger or purchase, one […]

Are You Treating Your Customers Like Clients?

English speakers make an interesting semantic distinction between the words “customer” and “client,” which can affect the way we view our constituents. Sometimes we use these expressions interchangeably in English, but more often than not, we intend them to mean something different. Below are some composite definitions from various dictionaries: * Customer: A person who […]