Study Self-Analysis

Thus, the study self-analysis system would be very useful for students in order to continuously monitor their knowledge. Such self-analysis system would help students avoid fear and diffidence while preparing and passing exams. Moreover, self-analysis system would help students identify their weak points in study and timely eliminate them to succeed later. The study self-analysis […]

Goal Attainment: The Other Side of Challenge

To accomplish one’s goal in life can be a daunting and intensive affair. It can also be an experience, which pushes one to the brink of their personal capacities. This sometimes-painful process is the growth catalyst within our lives. Study the biographies of some of the greatest personalities of our time, and you can identify […]

Life Is All Just But A Game?

We have always been told not to treat life as a game and that we have to be serious about it. Yes, I totally agree on that but agreeing that we should be serious in our game. There is nothing wrong with treating life as a game as long as you play it seriously. In […]

Everything In Life Happen For A Reason

verything in life happens for a reason. In fact, your very presence here now reading this very article has its reason too. Why are you here? To seek for yourself some answer to discovering your life? Absolutely nothing wrong with that! How wrong can there be? When in doubts, always ask right? This is the […]

Have You Been True to Yourself?

Have you been true to yourself? Have you being following your heart, believing in yourself; trusting your very own belief? Or has this thought never even occurred to you before? Now that you are reading this, give yourself this chance and ask yourself. Be true and honestly answer the question. It is a very simple […]

Personal Life Destiny Analysis

Every journey has it beginning and so is yours life journey to begin with. The very moment you came into this Earth, your journey of your life destiny begins. And together with you, you brought along a very personal Heaven luck; a luck that belongs solely to you and nobody else. And hidden within this […]

Inside Out Approach

It is very easy to place the blame of failure on someone else. People always tend to take the easy route of placing the responsibility for something going wrong on other people, situations or external factors. In fact it is human nature to point the finger. Oh yes, we are all self exalting, never accepting […]

Explanation of Life Destiny

What is life destiny? To simply explain, it is your life journey. Some may choose to call it fate though. But does it really matter? Be it fate or destiny, what matter is that these are the events you are going to meet in life; how you are going to confront these challenges in your […]