Do You Have Menstrual Migraine

Women are indeed beautiful. However, womanhood is always accompanied by the woes of menstrual troubles. Monthly visits are oftentimes accompanied by discomfort that can sometimes affect the day-to-day activities of women. It’s not only about menstrual cramps; menstrual migraine could also be a nuisance. Migraine headaches are more commonly experienced by women. These are severe […]

Menopausal Anxiety: fiction or reality

Menopausal anxiety is a relatively common problem and needs to be addressed early to avoid letting the situation getting out of proportion. Many causes can be attributed to menopausal anxiety. The fact that a woman going through menopause experiences an important hormone imbalance and a relative progesterone insufficiency can be one. Another cause of menopause […]

The Menopause: a growing phase

The menopause period occurs around the age of 50 for most women. The range can vary from age 46 to 56 on average. Menopause is characterized by the ending of the menstrual cycles and the end of the fertile years. The menopause period is also a time of diminishing levels of estrogens and progesterone released […]

Menopause and Night Sweats: when a woman is hot

Night sweats are common during pre menopause and menopause. They are characterized by a sudden rise on the overall body temperature and a general feeling of discomfort. There are many solutions to menopause night sweats, most of them being natural. One has to realize that this phenomenon due to the estrogen and progesterone hormone imbalance […]

Early Menopause- Is There Relief In Sight? Absolutely!

Ladies have you noticed that your favorite jeans are feeling a bit tight lately? Maybe there’s a bit more flab around your once flat stomach? Welcome to the “changes” of middle age. If you are a female between the ages of 34-55 you’re probably going through the stage right before menopause known as peri-menopause. Peri-menopause […]