Military Retirement

Retirement benefits are extremely important. It is solely the best gratification one could ever have after so many years of working hard. In the military, people who work for the government and for their respective community should likewise be entitled to receive the benefits that are due for them. Basically, military retirement is available in […]

Navy Seal dies the hero’s death in Iraq

It may surprise you to learn that during the entire Iraq war and post war engagement period, only two of the elite Navy Seals have paid the ultimate price of service. I remember when the Navy created these magnificent combat units during the Viet Nam war, which succeeded the navy’s underwater demolition teams (UDT’s) that […]

Updates On The Air Force AH-1Z And UH-1Y Aircraft

This is the expert opinion of Lt. Colonel: “A major survivability upgrade to the AH-1Z/UH-1Y aircraft, currently in the latter stages of developmental flight test here, made its first flights this week at the Bell Helicopter XworX facility in Texas. The upgrade, consisting of an integrated engine exhaust management system that then turns the hot […]

A Discussion About The XM8 Gun

The XM8 was based on the G36, which was based on the American AR-18. So yeah, it can be considered an American design at its roots. But, we probably will never see it in service. Not in this decade anyway. The SCAR and the XM8 are two completely different rifles. The XM8 is based on […]