A Product Review On ‘Michael’s Traffic Videos’.

Michael Cheney has recently launched a new series of instructional videos. He claims that anyone can start receiving traffic to their websites within 24 hours, or so using web 2.0 techniques. On first impressions, I found that the back office of video tutorials was well organized and not overpowering despite the vast amount of resources […]

Guitar Sucks You In. So Tune up Your Life

You rarely, if ever, come across a guy or a girl who hasn’t heard of guitar, let alone see it or play it. Not a surprise, if you knew the history which has thrown up countless styles of this stringed instrument. It runs for over 5000 years, pictures and figurines are reclaimed from Iranian sites […]

A Beautiful Song And An Inspiration

There was this beautiful song that I heard about 5 years ago. I loved it so much although I didn’t know who sang it. The problem was that this song has never been played on air. Well, maybe it was played a few times, but it was never given much attention to make it popular […]

Minor Chords — How To Form Them & Use Them

Minor chords create a sound which is somber or serious; some people even think of minor chords as “sad”, as opposed to major chords which sound “normal”, or “happy”. Some of the great classics are written in minor keys, including Fur Elise by Beethoven, Prelude in C# Minor by Rachmaninoff, Prelude in Cm by Chopin, […]

Learn How To Front Your Band As A Lead Singer

Fronting their own band is a dream of every beginner singer. So how can you front a band and develop your own band’s own distinctive style of music and performance? How to at the same time developing your own individually unique singing style? How are you going to be distinguished and get noticed from those […]

Stimulate Your Brain with Classical Music

I’ll always remember my dad saying that he loved listening to birdsong early in the morning. The singing centered him in a way that I didn’t understand at the time. Now I know why he felt so refreshed. Birdsong is a high frequency sound – around 5,000 hertz. Any sound between 5,000 and 8,000 hertz […]