All The Secrets About Black Pitbulls

Black pitbulls are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world and have unfortunately in recent times been under scrutiny due to the fact they are becoming the main breed of dogs used in illegal dog fighting circles. This article will endeavor to teach people the truth about black pitbulls and why […]

Not Your Typical Pet – Australia Kangaroos

Australia is home to the world famous kangaroo. Nowhere in the world can you find as many as those roaming around in the Australian outback. Kangaroo is almost synonymous to Australia because when you talk about kangaroo, Australia would readily come in mind. Although countries like New Zealand, New Guinea and the pacific island US […]

When Your Dog Chokes What Should You Do

Dogs very rarely think about what they consume, unless it’s a hidden pill wrapped in a piece of bread or cheese (my dog carefully eats the tasty wrapper and spits out the pill). Most of the time, a dog will simply swallow its food whole, and dogs can choke just like humans. Saving a dog […]

Callichthyidae fish care and aquariums

Catfish armored with barbels Coming from Trinidad and South America are the Mail and Armored Catfish. These catfish are well respected even by larger fish. The catfish have partly covered bony plates, which double and its back and head has a covering. The mail and armor catfish have fatty moveable fins, which the adipose surround […]

Determine How Much Your Pet Is Worth

Has the cost of caring for your pet become too much? Exactly how much is too much to spend on a pet? The human society reported last year that there are over 73 million dogs in America, and 90 million cats. And this is only the ones that are known about and documented. A whopping […]

How To Treat Dog Vomiting

A very common problem that virtually all of us see as dog owners is dog vomiting. There are potentially many different causes of dog vomiting. The most common cause is garbage gut, where your dog consumes something he shouldn’t have, resulting in vomiting. Other causes include food allergies, parasites, medications, infectious causes (i.e. parvovirus), cancer, […]

Aquarium and fish care

In all there are more than 20,000 types of fish. There is virtually no way possible anyone can outline how to care for fish and aquariums in a single group of articles. About the best that anyone can do is give you a few basic concepts, care instructions, etc, and allow you to go from […]

Fancy fish and aquarium care

If you had the chance to explore all saltwater and freshwater fish, it would take you thousands of years. Therefore, if you are just starting in fish care and aquariums you want to learn minimal details on starter fish. Everyone has their own notion as to which fish are best for starters, therefore my goal […]

Common Misconceptions about Cats

Cats are as common as dogs, but somehow there are a lot of people who dislike cats more than they do dogs, but when asked why, their reply would be, oh, I just hate them, no particular reason. Why is it that some people dislike cats? Are they misinformed? Do they have misconceptions about the […]