Make Your Future Study Effective

The first thing to master future information for study is to make it well-scheduled. Scheduling is better to be planned for long-period of study. Thus, take your time first to find out all new topics and homework assignments to be given for students for a couple of months. Ask your teachers/tutors to give you a […]

Memory Techniques

Study abilities include perception, attention, thinking and memory. All four abilities can vary greatly in their levels and qualities depending on each individual’s preferences. For example, one person is able to perceive much information quickly and clearly but he is not enough calm and patient to listen to all information for some time; thus, he […]

The Secret Of Success

What’s your definition of success? You’ve probably heard it all before about the secret of success. The majority of people would say that having lots of money would be their definition of success. Success means different things to different people. Success can come in the form of happiness, developing quality relationships, goal achievements or a […]

Foreign Language Teaching Techniques

This does not mean we should start study language when we are adults, however adults are much easier to motivate and interest in language learning. At the same time children have fresh memory, quick comprehension abilities and more free time to study language effectively. Thus, there is the question: at what age should the language […]

No – It Can’t be That Easy! You Can Learn a Foreign Language in Your Sleep?

The average human utilizes less than 10% of the brain. What’s happening with the rest? Can it be harnessed while you sleep? The answer is a qualified ‘yes’. Sleep learning has been employed with varying degrees of success for many years. It is not a completely passive process, however. You can’t plug in headphones, listen […]

Different Study Levels

Study process includes five levels which should be followed in strict order and developed through the time. They are: goal setting, research, reading, comprehension, analysis and conclusion. All the levels differ much in their approaches, results and time consummation, but all of them are to be used with the same purpose  success. Each new […]