Home Exercise Routine

A good home workout routines can help you lose up to 15 pounds without leaving home. It is possible to accomplish this goal in about 7 weeks if you complete the program properly. With a good home workout and diet plan you can workout at home for the first few months of your body transformation. […]

The Bowling Ball As Your Best Friend

The key instrument in the game of bowling is the bowling ball. It is the single most controllable tool a bowler has when playing the game. You can’t hold the pins, you don’t have control over where and how the pins are set, the lane is already oiled and that wasn’t done by you. But […]

Picking The Right Running Shoe

There is no doubt about it, with the amazing variety and the availability of current running shoes at the moment choosing the right running shoe (and if you don’t know what you doing) can be a daunting task. If all you are wishing to do is buy something trendy and that looks good then the […]

A Bodybuilding Back Routine Day

May 14, 2007 – It’s competition time! Get ready for a killer back routine day in the life of a pre-contest bodybuilder. A tale of stacks and carbs – Two weeks out from competition: 4:30AM-Kick-in-the-chest! I rip the covers off and swing my arm over to turn off the fan that has been sucking the […]

Get Abs Without Gym

How to get abs if you do not have access to a gym? Do not get frustrated! There is still another way and hundreds of others are doing it and still get awesome results! If you think that abs of steel can only be made in the gym? You are wrong! Do not give up […]

Some of the Benefits of Playing Golf

If you are competitive person then the game of golf could be for you. Golf is about winning and trying to improve your game. The competitive person will always want to add some distance to their tee shots, try to have fewer strokes during a round and always chasing a hole in one. The game […]

Treadmill Buying Guide For Beginners

Treadmills are one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment available for the home market. Sometimes, though, a treadmill buying guide is necessary when you begin to weave your way through the options, features, and other difficulties involved in choosing a treadmill. Things for Buyers To Consider There are a number of different things […]