Benefits of Directory Submission

If you are thinking about ways to promote your website, website directory submission is one of the ways that can easily and effectively promote your website. There are several different types of website directories that you can submit your website to. However, you are most likely going to want to look at two of these […]

Power Linking Strategies

More and more folks are realizing that building a solid themed reciprocal link directory is an affordable and highly effective way to increase inbound traffic. Not only is traffic generated through direct external links but weight is also given to search engines, as they assume that your website is more relevant. Relevant link building is […]

How Important Is It For Copywriters To Have An Agency Quality Website?

Over the years, I’ve had several copywriters ask me how important it is to have an “agency quality” website. My answer is always the same: it’s very important if you are prospecting other than locally. When you prospect locally, the client can meet you personally. But when you prospect nationally, your website, “telephone” personality, and […]

The benefits of a web directory

In the past few years, the use and size of the World Wide Web has grown exponentially. The largest database of information has proven useful to millions of people worldwide, providing information access to less-developed or isolated regions. Being so big and comprising so many topics, some considered it was time to organize it and […]