Four Useful Lies About Writing

Most writing “experts” favor a particular way of looking at plot, and will adhere to it for years or an entire career. That’s all well and good, but its important to realize that any way of modeling story is just that-a model, not the depths and living essence of story itself. Problems arise when young […]

Zen And The Heart Of Writing

“Life is what happens while you’re making other plans”-John Lennon Everything you can think of will and in an odd way SHOULD get in the way of your writing. In other words, if you are doing the work…REALLY doing the work, you are constantly digging into the least comfortable corners of your psyche, constantly struggling […]

How I Made $1683.04 From Writing ONE Article

Yeah, $1683.04. One article. Here’s how: You can’t just sit down and write an article that makes money. Most articles don’t ever make it past the directories they’re submitted to. Why? They don’t get reprinted because they are horribly written, or they’re advertorials, or flat-out spam. But there are a few – a select few […]

The Billionaire Writer’s Secret

During a career spanning twenty-five years of novel, film, and television work, I’ve two major tools most valuable: the yogic “chakras” for characterization, and Joseph Campbell’s model of the Hero’s Journey for plot structure. These are not random choices, nor were they selected because of the many intelligent and thoughtful essays on their relationship to […]