I’m Breastfeeding What Should I Eat?

With the plethora of advice available on the internet relating to giving birth it would be easy for new moms to become overwhelmed with information regarding breastfeeding and diet. Breastfeeding is hard enough anyway – you’ve just given birth after being pregnant for 9 months, your whole world has been turned upside down and you […]

No more razor rash

For those of you who find wet-shaving painful and irritating. It is a little known fact that dry whiskers in a beard or stubble have a similar strength to copper wire. Not surprising then, that shaving can quite literally be a pain. Here are our tips to having a close, and comfortable wet shave. 1. […]

How To Build Strong & Lasting Customer Relationships

Can you imagine the following scenario? Your customer profile consists of people who solely value your products and services, who don’t make decisions based solely on price, and who don’t “try” the competition occasionally. Seems like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, this can be your reality with some hard work, value positioning and building of […]

Personal Life Destiny Analysis

Every journey has it beginning and so is yours life journey to begin with. The very moment you came into this Earth, your journey of your life destiny begins. And together with you, you brought along a very personal Heaven luck; a luck that belongs solely to you and nobody else. And hidden within this […]

Inside Out Approach

It is very easy to place the blame of failure on someone else. People always tend to take the easy route of placing the responsibility for something going wrong on other people, situations or external factors. In fact it is human nature to point the finger. Oh yes, we are all self exalting, never accepting […]

Menopause Treatment

Menopause is a normal part of a woman’s life, and as such requires no treatment. However, the symptoms a menopausal woman suffers may range from mild to debilitating. These symptoms may require some form of treatment. Up until recently, hormone replacement therapy, in particular estrogen replacement therapy, was the cornerstone of menopause treatment. Estrogen reduces […]